"Followed" FAQ

When is the Followed movie being released in the U.S.?
Followed is now streaming! Watch Followed now.
What is Followed rated?
Followed is rated R - For Language, Violent/Disturbing Images, and Brief Drug Material.
Is Followed available on DVD/Blu-ray/VoD?
Followed is not yet available on U.S. Region 1 DVD. Followed is now streaming!
Who made Followed?
Followed was produced by Matthew Ryan Brewbaker, Todd Klick, and Antoine Le, was written by Todd Klick, and directed by Antoine Le.
Who is distributing Followed?
Film distribution for Followed is being handled in the U.S. by Global View Entertainment.
What is Followed about?

To gain more subscribers, a controversial social media influencer stays at a cursed hotel to terrifying results.

Who stars in Followed?
Followed features an incredible lineup including:
  • Matthew Solomon
  • Sam Valentine
  • John Savage
  • Tim Drier
  • Caitlin Grace
  • Kelsey Griswold
How can I stay up-to-date on Followed?
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I still have questions about the Followed movie... now what?
Still have questions about Followed movie? Contact us now.

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